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How to use Themetix - WordPress website collection? is a free resource where you can see the popularity of different WordPress themes and examples of sites that use these themes. Themetix allows to detection of themes and plugins for each WordPress website with free tool Themetix Theme Detector on the main page of

We provide links to the pages of theme authors from well-known resources such as Envato Market, Templatemonster, Elegantthemes , and others popular platforms for template selling.

We do not sell WordPress themes, we only provide available information about them.

Provided info about WordPress themes

We use only public information about websites and themes to build statistics. On theme page you can find theme name and description, information about price, a link to purchasing on the source page, a chart with statistics data, information about the theme author, and website examples.

Researches of WordPress themes

On our website,, you can find some research. Themetix is a multi-million database of WordPress sites and we can provide actual statistics for WordPress themes and plugins.

For example, we implemented charts of changes in the number of websites over a period of time (1 month) for all available themes. How it looks you can find on the theme page like Divi theme.

How To Choose the Perfect theme?

How to choose the WordPress theme using The full list of WordPress themes was filtered by website count, themes that are more common are at the top of the list, you can narrow this list if you additionally indicate the source of themes like theme list or Themeforest theme list