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Popups-for-divi WordPress plugin

1 044 active sites

Plugin folder name popups-for-divi

WordPress themes with which the Popups-for-divi is installed more often

  • divi theme
  • divi-child theme
  • divi-child-theme theme

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    Recent update chart Popups-for-divi by active site count on Themetix (October, 2023)

    The change in the number of websites in the last monthly update +189 websites

    Recent changes in the number of sites for the Popups-for-divi plugin

    How was changed amount of active sites built with Popups-for-divi plugin for the research period (June - November, 2023):

    From June to July website amount increased by 70 sites: 16.09%
    From July to August website amount increased by 50 sites: 9.90 %
    From August to September website amount increased by 220 sites: 39.64 %
    From September to October website amount increased by 61 sites: 7.87 %
    From October to November website amount increased by 19 sites: 2.27 %
    From November to December website amount increased by 189 sites: 22.11 %

    20 WordPress themes related to Popups-for-divi plugin

    If you're looking for WordPress themes that work well with Popups-for-divi plugin, there are many theme examples available that Popups-for-divi plugin is the most used. Here are the list of 20 WordPress themes that are suitable for use with Popups-for-divi plugins

    100 random examples of websites built with Popups-for-divi WordPress plugin

    Full website collection using Popups-for-divi plugin View more examples

    Here are some examples of websites built with the Popups-for-divi WordPress plugin. Compare website design and content. Evaluate the design of websites. Test the performance of other websites using Popups-for-divi plugin, before applying this.