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WordPress Theme Searching is a ultimate guide to WordPress websites usage statistics. Our resource make navigating for 600,000+ popular WordPress themes and 100,000+ plugins. Tap into our extensive collection and leverage the power of Themetix to make an informed choice for your next website project.

We encourage you to compare a variety of themes to find your perfect. Stay ahead of trends as new themes emerge and rise to prominence. Themetix diligently monitors website count changes, ensuring our ratings and collections are always up-to-date.

Themes: 653 758

653 758 themes and 102 544 plugins was detected on Themetix website collection

Websites: 2+ millions

We used an amazing 1 956 836 WordPress website collection to build statistics.

Authors: 3 361

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Countries: 209

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100 000 themes, the list of top WordPress themes (653 758 were detected)

The list of the most popular WordPress themes that are widely used by WordPress website owners. The popularity of themes can change, we provide monthly updates of website collection to follow the actual of popular WordPress themes and plugins Divi , Avada, BeTheme, Twenty Twelve, Genesis, Twenty Eleven, Enfold, Astra, The7, Twenty Ten, Twenty Fourteen, Bridge, GeneratePress, Salient, Newspaper, X | The Theme, Twenty Thirteen,

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Distribution of Usage WordPress Theme for 2 Million Sites. Top 5 - 7.48 %

The popularity of WordPress themes is changing all the time, so it's a good idea to follow updates of Themetix website collection. Review themes with active website samples and other up-to-date information about WordPress themes and plugins

This pie chart shows what share of the total theme market is held by the top 5 themes most loved by site owners. This indicator is 7.48 % ! So, each 12-th WordPress site on the Internet uses a Genesis, Divi, 2012, 2011 or Avada theme.

Let's say a few words about these themes - which can be called - business cards for WordPress - because every 12-th WordPress site use one of our top 5 themes.

Divi is a versatile and feature-rich theme by Elegant Themes. It includes a powerful page builder that allows you to create custom designs without coding. Divi is known for its flexibility and is suitable for a wide range of website types.

Avada is one of the best-selling WordPress themes of all time. It's a multipurpose theme that comes with a drag-and-drop page builder, a wide range of customization options, and a large library of pre-designed templates.

Genesis is a parent theme or framework developed by StudioPress. It's not a traditional theme but a foundation for building custom WordPress themes. Developers often use it as a starting point for creating highly customized and well-structured themes.

Twenty Twelve.Twenty Twelve is one of the default themes included with WordPress. It's a fully functional and responsive theme designed for general blogging and content-based websites.

Twenty Eleven.Twenty Eleven is another default theme included with WordPress, and it's a predecessor to Twenty Twelve. It's also a versatile theme suitable for various website types.

Usage of plugins in WordPress community

WordPress plugin statistics are valuable data that can help you make informed decisions about the plugins you use on your WordPress website. These statistics provide insights into a plugin's popularity, performance, and user satisfaction, which can be essential for website owners and developers.

Popularity and Usage Metrics - These metrics help you gauge the popularity and widespread use of a plugin, which can be an indicator of its reliability and trustworthiness.

Contact Form 7 usage statistics, 681840 sites samples
Revolution Slider usage statistics, 276750 sites samples
js_composer usage statistics, 178180 sites samples
Jetpack by usage statistics, 154727 sites samples
WooCommerce usage statistics, 121261 sites samples
Elementor usage statistics, 70411 sites samples
LayerSlider usage statistics, 52690 sites samples
sitepress-multilingual-cms usage statistics, 39354 sites samples
Instagram Feed usage statistics, 37840 sites samples
Cookie Law Info usage statistics, 37671 sites samples
elementor-pro usage statistics, 34435 sites samples
AddToAny Share Buttons usage statistics, 33374 sites samples
WP-PageNavi usage statistics, 32747 sites samples
ie-sitemode usage statistics, 31849 sites samples
Cookie Notice by dFactory usage statistics, 31776 sites samples
Google Analytics by Yoast usage statistics, 29724 sites samples
WP Rocket usage statistics, 29636 sites samples
Captcha by BestWebSoft usage statistics, 29377 sites samples
gravityforms usage statistics, 28080 sites samples
Google Analyticator usage statistics, 27191 sites samples

Popularity and Usage of WordPress Plugins