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WordPress Sponsors Carousel plugin, website examples, recent website updates

Sponsors Carousel WordPress plugin

46 active sites

This plugin displays thumbnail images or banners in a carousel using jQuery jCarousel.

Sponsors Carousel implements the jCarousel as a WordPress plugin.

You can set internal link for all image or custom link for any image.

New functionality: Autoscroll!

The plugin uses the shortcode [sponsors_carousel].

It is is designed to be styled with CSS. Sample images for next/prev arrows are provided.

The plugin uses jQuery, and if your site doesn't already use jQuery, it'll add the script for you.

It was inspired by jCarousel by Jan Sorgalla.

In future release:

  • resize from admin panel.

banners, gallery, images, javascript, jCarousel, jquery, sponsors

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Recent update chart Sponsors Carousel by active site count on Themetix (July, 2024)

The change in the number of websites in the last monthly update -1 websites

Recent changes in the number of sites for the Sponsors Carousel plugin

How was changed amount of active sites built with Sponsors Carousel plugin for the research period (May, 2023 - July, 2024):

From June to July website amount increased by 0 sites: 0.00%
From July to August website amount decreased by -1 sites: -2.17 %
From August to September website amount increased by 1 sites: 2.22 %
From September to October website amount decreased by -3 sites: -6.52 %
From October to November website amount increased by 4 sites: 9.30 %
From November to December website amount increased by 0 sites: 0.00 %
From December to January 2024 website amount increased by 0 sites: 0.00 %
From January to February 2024 website amount decreased by -3 sites: -6.38 %
From February to March 2024 website amount decreased by -1 sites: -2.27 %
From March to April 2024 website amount increased by 1 sites: 2.27 %
From April to May 2024 website amount increased by 1 sites: 2.33 %

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46 random examples of websites built with Sponsors Carousel WordPress plugin

Here are some examples of websites built with the Sponsors Carousel WordPress plugin. Compare website design and content. Evaluate the design of websites. Test the performance of other websites using Sponsors Carousel plugin, before applying this.