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WP-Note WordPress plugin

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Make nice notes with WP-Note in your post.

update 2010-06-01 Change author's homepage.

updated 2009-12-29 Add The CSS3 Features , Tested in browers such as Chrome,Firefox3.5+,Safari.

updated 2009-01-03 23:18 Change custom note tag from "angular brackets" to "square brackets"([note]...[/note]). The previous problem is that when we switch "Code Screen" to "Visual Screen" in the WordPress Editor,the note tags just gone. May be the Visual editor alaways cut the non-HTML tags off.

This plugin allows you to create nice notes in your WordPress posts or pages. You just should add note tags in your post. There are all five tags: note,important,tip,warning and help. The plugin has been tested in most browers such as IE,Firefox,Safari,Opera. I am planning to add some new features such as adding quicktag button the next version . Or You can just use a plugin named CSS, div, note, Post, quicktag

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Recent update chart WP-Note by active site count on Themetix (February, 2024)

The change in the number of websites in the last monthly update -14 websites

Recent changes in the number of sites for the WP-Note plugin

How was changed amount of active sites built with WP-Note plugin for the research period (May, 2023 - February, 2024):

From June to July website amount decreased by -18 sites: -4.84%
From July to August website amount decreased by -18 sites: -5.08 %
From August to September website amount decreased by -45 sites: -13.39 %
From September to October website amount decreased by -27 sites: -9.28 %
From October to November website amount increased by 1 sites: 0.38 %
From November to December website amount decreased by -5 sites: -1.89 %
From December to January 2024 website amount decreased by -5 sites: -1.92 %
From January to February 2024 website amount decreased by -14 sites: -5.49 %

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100 random examples of websites built with WP-Note WordPress plugin

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Here are some examples of websites built with the WP-Note WordPress plugin. Compare website design and content. Evaluate the design of websites. Test the performance of other websites using WP-Note plugin, before applying this.