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WP-RecentComments WordPress plugin

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Display recent comments in your blog sidebar.

Show the recent comments in your WordPress sidebar. You can limit the number of comments, set the maximum length of excerpts, filter out pingbacks/trackbacks. You can also enable or disable the avatars, resize and reposition them. Besides above, it supports WordPress Widget. And now, it's AJAX paged comments, you can turn to the newer or older comments when you clicked on the paging buttons.

在 WordPress 的侧边栏显示最新评论。你可以限制显示评论的数量,设置评论摘要的最大长度,过滤反链接评论。你还可以显示或屏蔽评论者头像,调整头像的尺寸和位置。除此之外,此插件还支持 WordPress Widget 功能。而现在,它支持基于 AJAX 的评论分页,你可以通过点击分页按钮来查看新旧评论。


  • Support for East Asian characters
  • Avatar su

AJAX, comments, option, sidebar, widget

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How was changed amount of active sites built with WP-RecentComments plugin for the research period (May, 2023 - April, 2024):

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From February to March 2024 website amount decreased by -7 sites: -2.48 %
From March to April 2024 website amount increased by 1 sites: -2.48 %

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