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zeeCompany WordPress Theme

43 active sites

zeeCompany is a slim and elegant designed theme with two columns. The theme supports Custom Logo, Several predefined Color Schemes, Unlimited Colors via Colorpicker, Content Slider, 125x125 Banner Widget, SocialMedia Buttons Widget, Dropdown Navigation, Theme Option Panel and more

custom-background, custom-colors, custom-header, custom-menu, editor-style, fixed-width, green, light, right-sidebar, sticky-post, theme-options, threaded-comments, translation-ready, two-columns, white

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Chart of Usage zeeCompany theme

The change in the number of websites in the last monthly update -2 websites

Recent changes in the number of sites for the zeeCompany theme

Chart of usage and recent updates of zeeCompany theme. Active site count was updated in July, 2024

How has the number of active sites using zeeCompany changed?

We conducted an analysis of zeeCompany wp theme alongside other popular WordPress themes to compile an independent research report on recent usage statistics. This study covers the period from May, 2023 - July, 2024

From May to June, the number of websites using the zeeCompany WordPress theme increased by 0 , representing a 0.00% rise.

From June to July, zeeCompany website count was a further increased of 0 websites, a 0.00 % growth.

From July to August, there was a modest increase of 0 websites, or 0.00% .

From August to September, there was a rebound with an increase of 0 websites, or 0.00% .

From September to October, the number grew by 0 websites built with zeeCompany, indicating a 0.00% increase.

From October to November, there was a decrease of -1 websites, a -1.72% drop.

However, from November to December, the number of websites decreased by -2, representing a decline of -3.51%.

From December to January, the number of websites using the zeeCompany wp theme decreased by -3, a significant reduction of -5.45%.

From January to February, the number of websites decreased again, this time by -3, marking a -5.77% decline.

From February to March, the number of websites using the zeeCompany WordPress theme decreased by -4, a decline of -8.16%.

From March to April, the number rebounded with an increase of 0 websites, a 0.00% growth.

From April to May. 2024, the number grew by 0 websites, indicating a 0.00% increase.

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20 WordPress plugins related to zeeCompany theme

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  • Check Plugin Compatibility with WordPress version;
  • Use Reputable Sources for plugin download.
  • Always backup your website before adding new plugins.
  • If you're looking for WordPress plugins that work well with zeeCompany theme, we provide statistics about popular plugin examples compatible and suitable for use with zeeCompany theme. Here is the list of 20 WordPress plugins that are detected as most used on websites built with zeeCompany theme

    Showcase of 43 random site samples built with zeeCompany WordPress theme

    Here are some examples of websites built with the zeeCompany WordPress theme. Compare website design and content. Evaluate the design of websites. Test the performance of other websites using zeeCompany theme, before applying this.