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Absolute Reviews WordPress plugin

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Absolute Reviews Plugin Overview

The Absolute Reviews plugin, crafted by Code Supply Co., is a powerful tool for WordPress sites, enabling the addition of elegant, responsive review boxes that follow the valid JSON-LD schema in posts. This plugin enhances the way reviews are displayed, making them more visually appealing and informative for readers.

Plugin Compatibility and Installation

With its latest version being 1.1.2 as of August 2023, the plugin is compatible with WordPress versions 4.0 and higher, and it has been tested up to version 6.3.3. It supports PHP 5.4 or higher and is actively installed on over 10,000 websites, indicating its widespread use and reliability.

User Feedback and Features

Users appreciate the plugin for its simplicity, lightweight nature, and ease of use. Nonetheless, there's an interest in further enhancements such as the capability to enter non-round numbers for scores and adjustments in schema type flexibility. The developers have shown a commitment to evolving the plugin based on user feedback, aiming to continually improve its functionality and user experience.

Development and Support

The plugin's development is ongoing, with updates that have included improvements in PHP compatibility, additional schema attributes for the review block, and enhanced security measures. Despite its many advantages, some users have noted areas for improvement, such as better documentation and more flexible customization options.

For detailed information on features, user reviews, and the development log, you can visit the official WordPress plugin repository pages

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Recent update chart Absolute Reviews by active site count on Themetix (April, 2024)

The change in the number of websites in the last monthly update +1 websites

Recent changes in the number of sites for the Absolute Reviews plugin

How was changed amount of active sites built with Absolute Reviews plugin for the research period (May, 2023 - April, 2024):

From June to July website amount increased by 10 sites: 13.70%
From July to August website amount increased by 11 sites: 13.25 %
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From January to February 2024 website amount increased by 5 sites: 3.11 %
From February to March 2024 website amount increased by 15 sites: 9.04 %
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100 random examples of websites built with Absolute Reviews WordPress plugin

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Here are some examples of websites built with the Absolute Reviews WordPress plugin. Compare website design and content. Evaluate the design of websites. Test the performance of other websites using Absolute Reviews plugin, before applying this.