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WP125 WordPress plugin

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Easy management of 125x125 ads on your blog. Ads can be run for a specified number of days, and will automatically be taken down. Track clicks too.

If you've given up the low-paying and slightly obtrusive ad networks used by many new bloggers, in favor of selling ads directly, you may have been frustrated with the excessive time involved managing your ads. Not only do you have to find advertisers to sponsor your blog, you have to manually edit your template to put the ad in, and then head over to your favorite calendar app to set an alert to remind you when to take the ad down.

Time consuming practices like those are a thing of the past. The WP125 plugin can help you manage your ads more efficiently, leaving you with more time to write new posts. The plugin adds a new "Ads" menu to the WordPress admin, featuring submenus for tweaking display settings and adding and removing ads.

Features include:

  • One or two column ad display, and support through template tags to implement your own unconventional desi

125x125, ads, advertisement, management

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Recent update chart WP125 by active site count on Themetix (April, 2024)

The change in the number of websites in the last monthly update +73 websites

Recent changes in the number of sites for the WP125 plugin

How was changed amount of active sites built with WP125 plugin for the research period (May, 2023 - April, 2024):

From June to July website amount decreased by -12 sites: -0.83%
From July to August website amount decreased by -18 sites: -1.25 %
From August to September website amount decreased by -87 sites: -6.13 %
From September to October website amount decreased by -54 sites: -4.05 %
From October to November website amount increased by 25 sites: 1.95 %
From November to December website amount increased by 50 sites: 3.83 %
From December to January 2024 website amount increased by 71 sites: 5.24 %
From January to February 2024 website amount decreased by -37 sites: -2.60 %
From February to March 2024 website amount decreased by -25 sites: -1.80 %
From March to April 2024 website amount increased by 73 sites: -1.80 %

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